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How to Clean Wooden Furniture at Home?

Wooden furniture of any kind does add a mystic, vintage vibe to any room. Good quality wooden furniture can last a lifetime. I have seen people use the same ancient wooden furniture for decades with the same old-world charm. But, even the best quality of wood is susceptible to wear and tear over time. It is therefore very important to keep the wooden furniture clean and lose its charm over time. If you also have some great ancient wooden pieces adding to the value of your already beautiful home, don't give up on your wooden furniture just yet. Instead, try these essential maintenance tips to keep your wooden furniture last even longer!

Learning how to clean your wooden pieces correctly is important if you want your favorite wooden furniture to last longer. It's normal for wood to get dirty through everyday use and lose its charm. Everyday elements such as dust, dirt, oil, water, and sweat can leave a sticky residue behind which becomes difficult to remove if not taken care of. 

How frequently should you clean your wooden furniture?

Make it your goal to clean your wooden furniture once a week and at times when there are too many people wandering around at home or during summers when there are chances of hot dry winds carrying dust and pollen, you should clean your wooden pieces at least twice a week. If you have kids running around in the house, there are high chances of spillage. In case of spillage or stains, it should be cleaned immediately. Be sure to remove all the items such as frames and any decor items before you dust your wooden furniture. Avoid placing candles or lamps on wooden furniture to avoid damage by heat and wax. 

Any built-in residue that requires a deep cleaning should be cleaned immediately. If you clean your furniture regularly, these spots are hard to miss and easy to clean. 

Before you get started..

While it might seem a ton of work to care for the wooden pieces, a simple approach is always the best. While purchasing any wooden furniture, make sure to ask the vendor for tips on how to clean the furniture. If you are testing new cleaning supplies, make sure to test them on an inconspicuous spot before you try it on the complete wooden piece. 

Since every wood and every stain is different, it's difficult to have a one-size-fits-all approach. However, you can always try some mild cleaning solutions and then go on to the stronger ones depending on the type and viscosity of the stain.

How to clean wooden furniture with dish soap?

If you are starting with cleaning your wooden pieces, it's great to start with a mild dish soap. Wipe the wooden furniture with a damp microfiber cloth with soap to remove dust and dirt accumulated on the surface. Quickly wipe it down with another dry microfiber cloth to avoid the stains caused by dish soap. Do not let dish soap or water sit on your precious wooden furniture for too long or it will warp the surface down. For a simple and quick wipe down, use a dry microfiber cloth or even a duster will do the work.

If you find a sticky residue like gum, add a drop of dish soap to the microfiber cloth and test an out-of-sight section of your wooden furniture to make sure that the finish does not get removed.

If it doesn't, add a few drops of dish soap to a cup of water and gently clean the section. Avoid soaking the wood in the water. Once the spot is cleaned, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid spotting.

Tips for maintaining wooden furniture

Routine cleaning and conditioning are the only simple and the best way to maintain the beauty and beauty of wooden pieces. Protect the wooden furniture from direct sunlight, and use a coaster for tea, coffee, and wine glasses. Use a tablecloth to avoid the direct contact of heat with the wooden furniture. 

Additionally, you should also polish your furniture with a natural conditioner every six to ten weeks.  

Final Words

Now that you have gone through all the necessary tips and tricks to beautify your wooden furniture and make it last longer, implement these tips in your daily life and let those beautiful wooden pieces be passed down the many generations just as you would pass your family values. Happy Cleaning!

by Ecliqs Marketing – May 30, 2024