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Storage Solutions: Maximizing Space with Buffets and Sideboards

Home is where the heart is. It feels great to have a home filled with people where there are endless talks, laughter, and happiness. But, at the same time, it would be overwhelming to declutter things with a full house. Imagine yourself living in a space that sparks only joy. But the reality is way too different, right? You might be constantly running around in the house attending to your kids and in-laws in the living and dining rooms since these are the two places you will spend most of your time in. Do you have the constant thought of redecorating your living or dining room? If yes, we have the perfect solution for you. We can help you organize your home and bring joy and happiness to your life. How? Keep reading to find out how!

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will enhance your room ambiance and come with storage, you will come across various options at Upinteriors for sideboards and buffets. But what will suit your house better? A sideboard or a buffet? What is the difference between these two? Keep reading to find out!

Sideboards VS Buffets

A sideboard and a buffet are similar in function like storing your dining room essentials like the dishes or crockery. Yet, both differ in style and design. A dining buffet cabinet is elevated off the floor by legs and consists of cupboards, drawers, cabinets, and shelves – which means plenty of storage options to keep things organized. Sideboards have no legs and sit directly on the floor. They also don’t have many different storage options, usually, it’s only drawers and doors. 

Let us look at the differences in detail so that you will have a better picture of what your room needs.


A sideboard unfortunately is considered as a low profile piece of furniture. Its main purpose is to provide storage space in whichever room you put it in. In your dining room, you can store all your dining room essentials such as linens and dining plates, mugs, jugs, and what not.

In your bedroom with a sideboard to your rescue, you will be able to store your books, important files, or just the decor items. Its main feature is the simple structure consisting of cabinets with doors and drawers. Modern sideboards come with an array of modern designs and unique features.


A buffet has a base similar to a sideboard, yet has a set of open or closed shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter. Dining Buffet cabinets are perfect for displaying your good bone china crockery, glassware, and decor items. The lower part, typically a buffet with drawers, can hold silverware, serving plates, tablecloths, and linens. The low countertop of a buffet can be used to comfortably serve food, tea, or coffee.

A Partition between your Living and Dining

Do you have a living room just adjacent to your kitchen? Does it become congested with crowding of everyone and everything there? From breakfast, meals, and tea, to living room conversations, to studying and working from home, does your living room have to take it all these days? 

Find your inner joy and peace of mind by using sideboards to partition the kitchen and the dining/living area. Again, you can get customized small side tables or footstools to sit on top of your cabinets to add that extra layer of storage and isolation. 

Which should you choose?

Depending on the needs of your room, you can always go with your choice of a sideboard or a buffet. If you have low storage needs and want to store all the sparingly needed things without attracting much attention to them, then go for a sideboard. If you want to display your high-value crockery and your exquisite home decor items to everyone who walks in through the door, then definitely go for a buffet with drawers and doors with extra cabinets to store your silverware to come in handy.

Final Words

Now that you know the difference between a sideboard and a buffet, make your decision wisely based on your storage and design needs.
With Upinteriors by your side, you can now shop for your favorite furniture pieces from the comfort of your home. With an array of varieties in design and functionality to choose from, you will find your dream pieces here.


by Ecliqs Marketing – June 03, 2024