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Showcase Your Collection: Choosing the right Bookcase for your book collection

Calling out all the Bibliophiles! Bookcases and Bookshelves are some of the most attractive furniture items when it comes to home furniture. It not only serves the purpose of organizing and displaying your books but also is a place to exhibit your art and accent pieces. It can be used to store bits and pieces of your favorite artwork, photo frames, or the artworks made by your children. If you make the right choice with your bookcases and bookshelves, they can last you decades.

Before we begin, it's important to understand the difference between bookcases and bookshelves and which is the right choice for your home. So, let's dive in!


Bookcases often have doors, drawers, or both. They can be both freestanding or built-in depending on your choice of furniture. You can use bookcases to store your books, artworks or even the things you need out of your sight. Sometimes even you can use it to stuff the unnecessary things you don't want your guests to see. The only flaw with the bookcase is that it takes up more space than the bookshelf. 


Bookshelves typically have shelves with no doors or drawers. Bookshelves come in both options, wall mounted or free standing. On a positive note, it takes up less space than the bookcases. Arranging your things can be easier on the bookshelf than on a bookcase. Bookshelves come in various varieties and sizes from simple to large to ornate.

What should you choose?

The choice between a bookcase and a bookshelf is a difficult one. But based on your needs, you can choose to have any one or both for your house. If you like books to be kept inside, you can go for bookcases where you will have a dedicated space for books and no fear of them falling over the floor. Bookcases need a little less cleaning than bookshelves since they have drawers and doors, they keep the dust away and need not be cleaned every day.

Whereas, if you like your books to be easily accessible and out in the open, go for bookshelves. However, bookshelves need more maintenance and cleaning than bookcases.

Whatever type of bookcase you choose, you would want it to last long and suit the style and decor of your home. In this article, we will give you a few things you must consider before buying a bookcase. Stay tuned till the end.

Here are 5 things you must consider before buying a bookcase and how you can choose the ideal bookcase for your home.


The first thing that comes to mind whenever you buy something new is the budget. Access your requirements and budget before purchasing a bookcase. Decide if you want to go for a small bookcase or a large one which will have a few reading materials and a few artistic pieces or a little bit of both. After you have figured out what you want, it's now time to go over some purchasing tips for your new bookcase. Within your budget, try to get the greatest bookcase in terms of quality, space, and aesthetics. 


Regardless of the material of the bookcase, it does serve your purpose of getting a dedicated space for your books and favorite art pieces. Material on the other hand decides how long will your bookcase last. Solid hardwood and metal bookcases are long-lasting investments and also add a vintage vibe to the room you would place your bookcase into. However, metal and wood bookcases are heavy to transport. If you are someone who moves very frequently, you might wanna reconsider your choice of wood and metal. 

Then comes the particle wood. Particle wood is not as sturdy as hard wood but it does serve the purpose. Particle wood bookcases are light in weight as compared to hardwood and are easy to transport and also easy on the pocket. When going for particle wood, keep in mind not to put too much weight on it. 

Style and Finishing

When choosing a bookcase, consider all the finish categories (hardwood, metal, particle wood) since what works for one room might not work for the other. Keep an open mind when it comes to fashion. If you have a small cozy apartment, go for wall-mounted bookcases to save space and add a vintage touch to your room. Most popular bookcases are the ones designed at an angle making them perfect for cramped little spaces. The second most demanding bookcases are the cube bedroom bookcases which are horizontally and vertically split. With its cube-like portions, it's ideal for holding books as well as vases and photo frames. 

Size and Space

Consider space when picking bookcases. The area determines the correct size of your bookcases and reduces options so you can pick when suits the best for your home. Measure the space where you will add the bookcase, this will help reduce the multiple options and help you focus on what truly your requirement is. Size is the most significant element in choosing a bookcase since it decides the look of your room.

Reliability and Strength

Reliability comes first when you have to put tonnes of weight on your bookcase especially if you have a huge book collection. Steel-framed bookcases are strong and sturdy and also add to the aesthetics of your room. To assess its strength, examine the bookcases and read the product description carefully. In case of doubt, feel free to connect with the store manager or the brand to get a clear understanding of the matter.

Final Words

You can accomplish so much with the appropriate bookcase in your home. You should thus certainly buy a bookcase from a true furniture store like Upinteriors where you get to choose from a wide variety of collections to beautify your home.

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by Ecliqs Marketing – May 30, 2024