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Top Rattan Double Bed Options for Your Stylish Bedroom

Top Rattan Double Bed Options for Your Stylish Bedroom

Curious about adding a rattan double bed to your bedroom? In this article, you’ll discover the best rattan double bed options, their benefits, and why they’re a great choice for any stylish bedroom.

Key Takeaways

  • Rattan double beds are admired for their intricate designs and versatility, fitting various decor styles while offering practical features like under-bed storage and a sense of spaciousness in smaller rooms.

  • Consumers should verify stock availability, delivery options, and warranty details when purchasing rattan beds, with options for store pickup and online shopping benefiting from fast delivery and tracking.

  • Rattan is an eco-friendly, durable material that is lightweight and easy to move, making it an excellent investment for both its aesthetic appeal and sustainable attributes, with positive customer feedback highlighting its comfort and elegance.

Explore the Best Rattan Double Beds

Illustration of a stylish rattan double bed in a bedroom setting

Rattan double beds are celebrated for their intricate cane or caged designs, making them a standout choice for any stylish and ergonomic bedroom. One such model is the Lulu bed frame, which features:

  • Solid wood legs

  • Easy-maintenance faux rattan

  • Rounded silhouette

  • Subtle rattan accents

These beds have several advantages:

  • They rarely sit flush with the floor, allowing for under-bed storage

  • They create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms

  • They have heirloom quality and neutral wood tones

  • They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to any home.

Additionally, rattan double beds are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various interior design styles.

Stock and Delivery Information

As you plan to purchase a rattan double bed, it’s necessary to verify stock availability and explore delivery options. Customers can easily check the stock for models like the Lulu Rattan Double Bed by setting their suburb for delivery and storing stock information. The Store Locator tool helps find the nearest store to check in-store availability.

For those who prefer online shopping, fast delivery options are available, often with live tracking of your parcel via a personal tracking ID. This ensures a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

Warranty & Guarantee Details

Getting a clear picture of the warranty and guarantee details for rattan double beds can offer you reassurance during your purchase. Upinteriors offers a comprehensive warranty covering various issues like resilience and UV resistance, ensuring your furniture remains in excellent condition. Durability features such as stain resistance and non-corrosiveness are also typically covered.

Additionally, most rattan furniture comes with an Australian warranty of 12 months, protecting your investment and ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

Why Choose Rattan Double Beds?

Artistic illustration representing the eco-friendly nature of rattan double beds

Rattan double beds combine elegance, warmth, and durability, making them an excellent choice for any bedroom. Their blend of traditional aesthetics and modern elegance allows them to fit seamlessly into various decor styles, from rustic to chic. Customers often praise the stylish touch rattan double beds add to their bedrooms, enhancing the overall ambience.

Rattan double beds are also known for their ergonomic design, providing comfort and support. Beyond their visual appeal, rattan is a versatile material suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture, renowned for its robustness and long-lasting nature.

Timeless Design and Durability

The ergonomic, timeless design and durability of rattan double beds make them a standout choice for any homeowner. The neutral tones of rattan bed frames allow them to blend effortlessly with various home decor palettes. These beds combine natural aesthetics with exceptional durability, ensuring they remain stylish and functional for years.

Despite their seemingly delicate appearance, the dense inner core of rattan provides exceptional strength and longevity. Rattan furniture has been cherished for centuries for its intricate design and resilience, making it a practical and stylish investment.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Choosing rattan double beds is an eco-friendly decision, as rattan is a naturally renewable resource sourced from fast-growing vines. The production process of rattan furniture is typically low-impact and sustainable, reducing its environmental footprint.

Customers appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of rattan furniture, aligning with their sustainable living values. This makes rattan double beds not only a stylish choice but also a responsible one for the environment.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

One of the standout features of rattan double beds is their lightweight nature, making them easy to handle and move. This is particularly convenient for those who frequently rearrange their bedroom layouts or move homes. Many users appreciate this aspect, as it allows for effortless rearrangement and adaptation to new spaces without compromising on style or comfort.

Key Features of Rattan Double Beds

Creative illustration demonstrating the assembly process of a rattan double bed

Ergonomic rattan double beds boast several key features that make them a desirable addition to any bedroom. They often feature a solid pinewood frame, ensuring durability and stability. The sturdy wooden slats provide efficient support for the mattress, contributing to a comfortable sleeping experience.

These beds are also versatile, fitting seamlessly into various bedroom styles and decors.

Additionally, rattan beds are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they look new and fresh for many years.

Size and Dimensions

When choosing a rattan double bed, you should take into account the size and dimensions to guarantee a perfect fit within your space. Rattan double beds typically come in standard double bed dimensions, measuring about 135 cm in width and 190 cm in length. They fit standard double-sized mattresses measuring 138 cm x 188 cm.

Opting for the largest bed frame your room can accommodate can enhance comfort and sleep quality.

Assembly and Packaging

When buying a rattan double bed, you should take into account factors such as assembly and packaging. These beds are often delivered in multiple boxes, typically in two packages. Assembly generally requires standard household tools and is guided by clear instructions provided in an assembly manual.

While most users find the process straightforward, some have reported difficulties, suggesting that even clearer instructions could be beneficial.

Headboards and Support

Rattan double beds come with a variety of headboard designs and support options, enhancing both style and functionality. These beds often feature weaved or caned rattan headboards, providing a classic and stylish look. Some models come with double-layered rattan headboards for extra durability.

Additionally, detachable headboards make packaging and assembly more convenient, adding to the overall appeal of rattan double beds.

How to Style Your Bedroom with Rattan Furniture

Artistic depiction of a well-styled bedroom with rattan furniture

Styling your bedroom with rattan furniture can transform the space into a cozy and elegant retreat. Rattan furniture adds a natural texture and elegance that fits well with both rustic and chic styles. Opt for neutral color palettes to complement the natural look of rattan.

Rattan double beds are versatile, fitting seamlessly into various design themes from bohemian to modern.

Incorporating a natural elements collection like plants can further enhance the earthy feel of your bedroom, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Matching with Other Furniture

Matching rattan double beds with other furniture pieces can create a cohesive and stylish look in your bedroom. Rattan furniture combines a retro aesthetic with rustic charm, making it suitable for various interior styles, from boho to Scandinavian-inspired. Pairing a rattan bed with a wooden bedside table or a rattan chair can offer a beautiful contrast in textures while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

For a modern look, consider combining rattan with metal or glass furniture pieces.

Adding Decorative Elements

Adding decorative elements to your rattan double bed setup can enhance its natural beauty and create visual interest. Floral or botanical printed bed linen and cushions can complement the rattan’s earthy tones. Layering different textures, such as fluffy rugs and knitted throws, can add warmth and coziness to the space.

Incorporating colorful cushions can also create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. A jute rug next to your rattan bed can tie together the natural materials and textures in the room.

Seasonal Decor Changes

Making seasonal decor changes with rattan double beds can help you create the perfect atmosphere year-round. In summer, use light linens and fresh floral patterns to give your room a breezy and airy feel. During winter, opt for heavier blankets and richer colour palettes to create a warm and cozy environment.

These simple changes can transform your bedroom and make it feel fresh and inviting, no matter the season.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the quality and satisfaction of rattan double beds. Many customers have provided positive feedback, praising the unique designs and comfort of various models in their reviews.

The Bali double bed frame, for instance, is lauded for its elegant design and comfort, particularly its rattan headboard. The Lulu Rattan Double Bed has also garnered attention for its combination of faux rattan accents and solid wood legs, which blend seamlessly with various home interiors.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from customers highlights the following features of rattan double beds:

  • Luxurious feel

  • Comfortable support

  • Elegant and comfortable rattan headboard on the Bali bed frame

  • Organic patterns and gentle curves of the rattan, create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

The Lulu Rattan Double Bed is noted for its easy-maintenance quality and heirloom potential, making it a durable and stylish choice for any bedroom.

Common Concerns

While many customers are satisfied with their rattan double beds, some have expressed concerns. Common issues include:

  • Color variations due to monitor settings

  • Worries about the long-term durability of rattan

  • Discrepancies in product size and quality when shopping online

These factors can be drawbacks for some buyers when considering the price of various items.

Keeping these concerns in mind can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing a rattan double bed.

Making Your Purchase

Illustration of a person making an online purchase of a rattan double bed

Making an informed purchase decision for a rattan double bed involves considering various factors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Compare different qualities, sizes, designs, and styles to ensure you get the best value for your money.

  • Understand the pros and cons of online vs. in-store shopping.

  • Consider the available payment options and choose the one that suits you best.

  • Familiarize yourself with the return policies of different sellers to ensure a hassle-free buying process.

By considering these factors, you can navigate the buying process with confidence and find the perfect rattan double bed for your needs.

Online vs. In-Store Purchase

In deciding whether to buy a rattan double bed online or in-store, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Shopping online provides access to a broader range of styles and finishes that may not be available in physical stores. It also allows for easy comparison of products from different retailers, saving time and effort.

However, some customers may find it challenging to inspect products like the Lulu Rattan Double Bed first-hand when they are not available for in-store display. On the other hand, in-store purchases offer the advantage of physically inspecting the bed and testing its comfort level before buying, ensuring it meets your quality expectations. Additionally, you can immediately take home the product, avoiding delivery wait times.

Consider the weight of these factors to determine which purchasing method best suits your needs and click on the one that fits you the most.

Payment Options

Understanding the various payment options available for purchasing rattan double beds can make the process more convenient and affordable. Popular payment methods include:

  • Afterpay

  • Zip

  • Klarna

  • Laybuy

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Shop Pay

Many retailers also offer flexible payment plans or financing options, allowing you to spread the cost over time. These options can make it easier to invest in a high-quality rattan bed without straining your budget.

Return Policy and Exchanges

Being familiar with the return policies and exchange procedures for rattan double beds can contribute to a smoother shopping experience. It’s important to check for any potential fees or conditions that may apply to returns or exchanges. Some retailers offer free returns or exchanges within a specified period if the bed frame does not meet your expectations.

Additionally, easy return policies for change of mind, subject to terms and conditions, can provide further peace of mind when making your purchase.


In conclusion, rattan double beds offer a perfect blend of elegance, durability, and eco-friendliness, making them an excellent choice for any stylish bedroom. Their intricate designs and lightweight nature add both aesthetic appeal and practicality. By understanding the key features, warranty details, and how to style them, you can make an informed decision that enhances your bedroom’s ambience. Whether you choose to purchase online or in-store, consider the payment options and return policies to ensure a smooth and satisfying buying experience. Transform your bedroom into a cozy, elegant retreat with a rattan double bed and enjoy the timeless beauty it brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing a rattan double bed?

Choosing an ergonomic rattan double bed offers a blend of timeless design, durability, eco-friendliness, and lightweight construction, making it a stylish and practical option for any bedroom.

Additionally, a versatile rattan double bed can easily complement various interior styles, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

How can I check the stock availability of a rattan double bed?

You can check the stock availability of a rattan double bed by setting your suburb for delivery and using the Store Locator to find the nearest store with the item in stock.

What should I consider when purchasing a rattan double bed online vs. in-store?

When purchasing a rattan double bed, consider the broader range of styles available online, the convenience of comparing products, and the opportunity to inspect and test the bed in-store before making a decision.

What are the common concerns when buying a rattan double bed?

When buying a rattan double bed, it's common to be concerned about colour variations, durability, and discrepancies in product size and quality when shopping online. Be sure to clarify these concerns before making a purchase.

What payment options are available for purchasing a rattan double bed?

You can purchase a rattan double bed using popular payment methods like Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, Laybuy, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay, or through flexible payment plans or financing options. These options provide flexibility and convenience for your purchase.

by Manish Chopra – July 04, 2024