Top Picks for Buffets Tables: Stylish & Functional Choices for Your Dining Space-Upinteriors

Top Picks for Buffets Tables: Stylish & Functional Choices for Your Dining Space

Top Picks for Buffets Tables: Stylish & Functional Choices for Your Dining Space

Looking for the perfect buffet tables to complement your dining area? You’re in the right place. Our guide offers insights into selecting a buffet table that’s both stylish and functional—balancing size, material, and design to enhance your dining experience. With a diverse range of options in materials, colours, and designs, you can personalize your living space to match your unique style. Whether you’re curious about the latest trends or need practical tips for integration and accessorization, stay tuned for expert advice that ensures your buffet table choice is a perfect fit for your space.

Key Takeaways

  • Buffet tables enhance the dining area’s aesthetic and functionality, and the right size, material, and design can significantly influence the room’s ambience and flow of movement.

  • Accessorizing the buffet table with a mix of practical and decorative items can turn it into a stylish focal point, while also providing storage solutions and aiding in meal service.

  • Integrating the buffet table with the dining set is vital for a cohesive look, and current trends favour functional yet elegant designs, with modern features and trending colour palettes and finishes.

Elevate Your Dining Area with Chic Buffet Tables

A stylish buffet table with modern sideboards and dining area decor

A buffet table transcends its role as simply a piece of furniture. It serves as an elegant accessory to your dining table, providing style and enhancing the ambience of the living space with both form and function. While the dining table is central during meal times, its counterpart, the buffet table, elegantly fulfils its duties by offering convenient storage and showcasing your prized dinnerware collection.

Welcoming a carefully selected buffet into your home can dramatically elevate your dining setting. This key item brings sophistication that enriches every mealtime with added flair.

Choosing the Right Size Buffet Table for Your Space

To identify the ideal buffet table for your dining space, start by assessing the size of the area. Consider these suggestions to ensure a good match.

  • Ensure there’s at least 92 cm of space around the buffet to allow for comfortable movement.

  • Find a harmony between providing enough room and retaining practical use.

  • Choose a buffet that enhances your dining table without dominating it.

A well-sized buffet table can also meet various storage needs, adding both functionality and sophistication to your dining area.

As a rule of thumb, subtract 184 cm from both the length and width measurements of your dining area when determining an apt size for your new piece. This accounts for existing furniture and layout within the room. The selected buffet should support seamless service flow without creating tight spots or crowding in the dining zone.

Material Matters: From Oak to Walnut

The essence of your buffet table is shaped by the materials used, ranging from the inviting warmth of natural wood to marble’s refined sleekness. Different materials can be used to create stylish and functional buffet cabinets, providing extra storage solutions for dishes, fine china, pillows, and linen. Your preference might gravitate towards the deep textures found in the Canaletto walnut or a contemporary matte lacquer finish like that on the Quartz Sideboard. Either choice will elevate your buffet into a pivotal feature within your dining space story.

Ponder over something like the ECC Plana cupboard with its ‘Lava Grey’ finished wooden frame and glass doors complemented by an acid-etched glass top—this combination showcases how materials can blend cutting-edge design with functional utility while creating an elegant sideboard.

Design Features That Make a Difference

The configuration of a buffet table is essential in optimizing its utility and aesthetic appeal within your dining space. With the ability to adjust shelves and drawers, it creates customized storage opportunities suitable for an array variety of items ranging from sizeable serving platters to fine silverware. Take into account something like the Tivoli Buffet. It excels in providing concealed storage without sacrificing style, encased in an elegant matte Grey Oak laminate exterior.

Similarly, wall-mounted sideboards present a solution that conserves space while enhancing the dining area’s visual coherence by blending seamlessly with its surroundings rather than overpowering them.

The Art of Accessorizing Buffet Tables

Practical yet stylish storage solutions for buffet tables

Enhancing your buffet table requires a harmonious mix of stylish adornment and usability. To meld utility with beauty, choose accessories that align with the room’s current theme while adopting a uniform colour scheme. Thoughtfully arranged functional pieces such as lamps or mirrors can elevate your buffet into an eye-catching centrepiece, enriching the ambience of your dining area.

Consider the surface of your buffet table as a blank canvas ripe for expression – every item placed should either narrate its own tale or fulfil a specific function in creating an inviting space for dining.

Displaying Decorative Pieces

Visually dynamic display on a buffet table with decorative pieces

In decorating your buffet table, strive for a balanced and engaging appearance. To attain this:

  • Establish a visual triangle using items of different heights to prevent dullness.

  • Pair larger pieces with those of medium size to create an attractive setup.

  • Use staple pieces such as lamps to maintain uniformity in the display.

  • Refresh your decoration periodically with seasonal components, ensuring that it remains lively and appealing.

Introduce candles or lanterns to emit a cozy glow, which adds a hospitable atmosphere within your dining area.

Practical Yet Stylish Storage Solutions

Buffet sideboards serve a dual purpose by providing an elegant stage for display and addressing your storage requirements. Equipped with drawers and concealed sections, these cabinets enable you to store dishes and serving tools in close proximity while preserving the tidiness of your dining space.

For individuals who hold design in high regard alongside functionality, items such as the Shelf Sufficient Console and Reflect Sideboard exemplify the union of aesthetics and utility. They offer significant storage capacity wrapped up in visually appealing forms.

Setting Up for Service

The buffet table is the central feature of buffets, allowing guests to serve themselves with ease and maintaining the tradition of relaxed dining service. To enhance the ambience and guarantee a pleasant dining experience for your guests, it’s important to choose high-quality tableware.

Incorporating labels on items at the buffet is a considerate detail that assists those with dietary limitations or allergies in selecting their food safely and knowledgeably.

Integrating Buffet Furniture with Your Dining Set

Integrating buffet furniture with dining set for a harmonious look

To establish a unified appearance in your dining area, it is crucial to synchronize the aesthetic of your buffet table with that of your dining set. A cohesive design can be accomplished by mirroring elements like colours or materials from the dining set on the buffet table.

It’s important for visual harmony that the buffet table stands lower than the dining table while being higher than 750mm to ensure its functionality and visibility are optimized.

To Match or Not to Match?

Deciding to coordinate your buffet table with your dining set or opting for a contrasting style plays an essential role in defining the room’s visual appeal. A matching buffet table, or one that offers a slight contrast, can produce a cohesive ambience and yet permit an eclectic twist if preferred. For example, having a buffet whose black legs echo those of the dining table can seamlessly connect both pieces together.

Complementary Styles for Every Taste

Buffet tables are available in a vast array of styles to suit any preference, from sleek minimalist pieces that radiate sophistication to those embodying the comfort and dignified charm of bygone eras. This wide selection guarantees you can effortlessly match your dining set with buffet furniture that enhances its look, regardless of your taste.

Tips for Mixing Materials and Textures

Incorporating a variety of materials and textures can elevate the visual appeal and dimensionality of your dining space. Consider these suggestions to enhance the area.

  • Pairing classic timber with opulent quilted fabrics provides an elegant, textured look.

  • Integrating marble elements offers an air of refinement.

  • Adding fluted glass or perforated metal introduces contemporary or industrial flair.

  • Implementing rattan accents delivers versatility and warmth, suitable for modern or classic designs.

Combining different components like wood, rattan, bronze, and quilted textiles enables you to devise a unique yet harmonious ambience that enhances the overall character of your dining area.

Discover the Latest Trends in Buffet Table Designs

Keeping your dining space current with the newest styles in buffet tables can significantly elevate its sophistication. Tables such as Bonaldo’s Tratto Buffet exemplify the cutting-edge design and creative innovation that define today’s most coveted buffet furniture.

The growing trend of personalization affords you the luxury to choose from a wide range of hues and textures, ensuring that your buffet table harmoniously complements your unique taste in interior décor.

Trendsetting Styles for Modern Homes

Contemporary residences are experiencing a resurgence of Art Deco sophistication in buffet tables, exemplified by items such as DeLux Interiors’ London Buffet Table. These pioneering designs emphasize streamlined contours and practicality, guaranteeing their compatibility with various types of living environments and home decor aesthetics.

Features That Are In Vogue

Explore our exquisite collection of buffets, including modern sideboards and sideboard buffets that enhance your dining area with in-vogue features such as space-saving sliding doors and accent lighting. Discover versatile pieces like the Mister Sideboard, designed to adapt to various functions while providing a touch of stylistic finesse through details like its herringbone pattern. Our assortment offers a range of buffet tables and buffet sideboards tailored to meet your aesthetic needs—perfect for elevating any dining environment.

Colour Palettes and Finishes on Trend

Current trends for buffet tables are leaning towards a palette that includes cool whites, an array of greys, pale browns, and deep blues. These hues often complement the enduring charm of natural wood textures.

Incorporating matte finishes accompanied by chrome accents is also fashionable, providing a modern flair in line with current design tastes.


In your pursuit of enhancing the dining area, consider a buffet table—a multi-functional showpiece that seamlessly blends practicality with aesthetic appeal. Selecting the perfect dimensions and composition, as well as embellishing and harmonizing it with your existing dining ensemble, presents opportunities to showcase individual taste while improving the ambience of mealtimes. Keeping abreast of current style developments in buffet tables can guarantee that your space retains its elegance and utility well into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much clearance should I maintain around the buffet table for comfortable movement?

It is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 92 cm clear around the buffet table, which will facilitate unobstructed movement for seating and walkways.

Ensuring this space helps prevent crowdedness and allows for smooth access.

Can the buffet table be taller than the dining table?

Certainly, for visual balance, the buffet table ought to be more compact in length when compared to the dining table. It may exceed a height of 750mm to ensure both accessibility and a notable presence.

Do buffet tables need to match the dining table exactly?

Buffet tables don't need to be an exact match with the dining table. Instead, they should possess a unifying characteristic such as akin legs or material that can connect both furnishings.

Are there buffet tables that offer both decorative and practical features?

Indeed, contemporary buffet tables such as the Tivoli Buffet blend aesthetic appeal with functional storage options.

What are some of the latest trends in buffet table designs?

Contemporary trends in buffet table styles encompass pieces inspired by Art Deco and the inclusion of accent lighting and space-efficient sliding doors. There are customization opportunities available through a selection of colours and finishes.

Incorporating these features can lend a modern and customized flair to your arrangement on the buffet table.

by Manish Chopra – June 17, 2024