Entertainment TV Units vs. TV Wall Mounts: Finding the Right Option for Your Home-Upinteriors

Entertainment TV Units vs. TV Wall Mounts: Finding the Right Option for Your Home

Entertainment TV Units vs. TV Wall Mounts: Finding the Right Option for Your Home

Every homeowner encounters the entertainment unit vs wall-mounted TV quandary whether purchasing a new television or decorating their living rooms. Today’s sleek and small television designs complicate things. Previously, the bulky television required a TV stand or unit. However, the small TV may now be simply hung or stored in a TV cabinet, depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Choosing between wall-mounted televisions and entertainment units is not an easy decision. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. So, ultimately, the decision between the two is up to you. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve created a comparison of entertainment units and wall-mounted televisions. After reading it, you can decide which is the best display option for your home from our extensive

Entertainment TV Units VS TV Wall Mounts

To decide whether a wall-mounted television or a television entertainment unit is better for you, you must first consider their respective features. Entertainment units are furniture designed to hold and organize electronic devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, and audio equipment. After learning about their features, you may compare them and decide which is best for your home. Let’s look at the major elements of a wall-mounted setup and a TV entertainment centre.

TV Wall Mounts

A wall-mounted television has been put on a wall using wall brackets or a television mount. It is easier and more appealing to prop up your small and lightweight television on your wall. Here are some advantages of wall-mounted TV.


  • Space Saving - Mounting your television on the wall saves a lot of floor space. You can use that area for other furniture. A wall-mounted television is ideal for a compact home. Also, a wall-mounted television makes your living room appear larger and more spacious.

  • Safe TV- If you have small children or pets, a wall-mounted television is beneficial. It keeps your television out of reach of children and dogs. So they can't accidentally bump or knock it while the television is at a height. This protects your TV from tumbling mishaps. 

  • Sleek Setup -When you have a small living room, a wall-mounted television not only saves floor space but also adds style and aesthetic appeal.

  • Flexibility of Viewing Angles- With a wall-mounted television set-up, you can choose the location, height, tilt, or placement of your television. You can mount your television anywhere on the wall, at any height that suits your seating position, or tilt it as desired.

  • Ease of Changing TV- When it comes to changing your television, a wall mount setup is more convenient. Whether you replace your current television with a larger or smaller television, you will not have to worry about it fitting into your television unit. 

No, let's take a peek at some disadvantages of wall-mounted television set-ups.


  • Installation - Professional installation is required for wall hanging your television. You cannot accomplish it by yourself. It must be done correctly to ensure that the wall brackets are stable and can support the weight of your television.

  • No Storage - A wall-mounted television setup provides no storage space. So, if you want to keep your game console or speakers, you'll need an additional shelf, fixture, or table.

  • Cord Visibility - When you hang your television on the wall, all of the cords, cables, and other components that are attached to it are visible. It is more difficult to disguise them so that they appear disorganized and chaotic.

Entertainment Units

Entertainment units, often known as TV units or TV cabinets, are the modern equivalent of TV stands. They are elegant and provide enough space for all of your entertainment devices and televisions, hence the name entertainment units. They can be paired with matching coffee tables to create a cohesive look in your living room. Entertainment units are perfect for creating a well-organized and stylish living space.

Here are a few benefits of entertainment units for gaming consoles.

  • Design versatility – Entertainment units are available in a variety of styles, colours, sizes, and shapes. Upinteriors offers a wide choice of floor entertainment units and wall-mounted television unit designs to suit your aesthetics and preferences.

  • Safety - Keeping your television in an entertainment unit protects it from inadvertent falling, outside dust, and other hazards.

  • Space For Everything - An entertainment unit provides space for everything from your speakers to your DVD player and your cable box to your gaming console. All of your entertainment and gaming devices are arranged in one spot.

  • Storage - Apart from a spot for all your devices, an entertainment unit can also feature additional storage space to keep other belongings, such as books, magazines, and decorative objects.

  • Clutter-free Arrangement - With an entertainment unit, all of your cables, wires, and cords are hidden behind the panel and kept tidy. This provides your living area with an uncluttered appearance.

  • Display - Your entertainment unit is for more than just storing your television. It also serves as a showcase unit in your living area. It’s ideal for displaying souvenirs, family photos, and other collectibles.

  • Enhances Movie Nights - A well-designed entertainment unit enhances your movie nights by providing a perfect setup for snuggling on the sofa and enjoying a cozy time at home.

Despite their numerous benefits, entertainment units do have certain downsides in terms of storage. They are:

  • Occupies Space - An entertainment unit takes up floor space. The floor area can be tiny or enormous, depending on the size of the television and entertainment centre. If you have a little living area, then it may make it look tight.

  • Less Customisation Of Viewing Angle - An entertainment unit has a predetermined height and base. As a result, you are unable to adjust the height or tilt as desired. 


Both wall-mounted and entertainment units have advantages and disadvantages. You must choose based on your tastes, living room space, and aesthetics. Whatever is more appropriate for your home and needs is the greatest option for you. To get the best of both worlds, consider wall-mounted television unit designs. Check out Upinterior’s trendy TV unit line here. Whether you want to buy a simple TV unit or an intricate TV cabinet online, Upinteriors has it all. You can also find matching pieces like coffee tables and other living room furniture in-store at our physical retail locations. Whatever your needs are, you will discover a television unit design that fits them perfectly.

by Ecliqs Marketing – May 02, 2024